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Welcome to Colorblind!

{Portfolio of Nadja Luckhaupt}

Hi, I'm Nadja. Crazy for web design, graphic design and basically everything that ends with -design.
I graduated 2009 at Baden-Württemberg cooperative state university in 'Online Media'. On this site you can find some of my past creations and everything else you need to know about me.

Have fun exploring it!

Über mich

The opposite of war

isn't peace,

it's creation.

Jonathan Larson


Currently I'm seeking new challenges and exciting projects to work on.
My last job was for yd.yourdelivery GmbH where I worked on the user interface of the website and designed newsletters, landing pages and advertising material.
Before that I was employed at VZnet Netzwerke Ltd where I visualised advertising material, customer drafts and campaigns within the platform and designed and implemented accessible landing pages and brand profiles.

Brief CV

11/2011 - 02/2012: Web Designer/Graphic Designer, yd. yourdelivery GmbH
09/2009 - 11/2011: Web Designer, VZnet Netzwerke Ltd.
10/2006 – 09/2009: Web Designer, ReiseBank AG (student)
Online Media student at Baden-Württemberg cooperative state university
(Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
Standort Mosbach)
Bachelor of Arts 2009
04/2006 - 09/2006: Eberhard Karls university Tubingen, law
09/2004 - 04/2006: Ruprecht Karls university, Heidelberg, archaeology and history
Know How


is not enough; we must apply.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Computer skills

Legend: Expert (+++) | Average (++) | Basic (+)

  • Photoshop (+++)
  • (X)HTML (+++)
  • CSS (+++)
  • Illustrator (++)
  • XML (++)
  • jQuery (+)
  • Flash (+)
  • Javascript (+)
  • Joomla (++)
  • Woltlab Burning Board (++)
  • TYPO3 (+)
  • MediaWiki (+)
  • tWiki (+)

Additional Skills:

  • Project management
  • HCI (Human computer interaction)
  • Usability/usability testings
  • Accessibility
  • Findability

The author

must keep his mouth shut when his work starts to speak.

Friedrich Nietzsche

User Interface

Website elements

lieferando main page

Draft for - header & footer
Presets: Red header bar, big search box Screenshot

lieferando header

Draft for the header
Presets: Red background Screenshot

lieferando FAQ

FAQ page for
Presets: CD matched, easy to use Screenshot


Mailings for newsletter subscribers.

2. Advent
2. Advent

Advent newsletter
Presets: Festive, inclusion of partner offerings Screenshot

Schlechtes Wetter
Schlechtes Wetter

Newsletter for "bad weather".
Presets: None Newsletter


Newsletter for Bundesliga matches.
Presets: "Stadium feeling" Screenshot

VZ brand profiles

Special profiles for companies (cf. facebook).


Brand profile for SchoolJam competition
Presets: Cool, rocking, topic 'music' Screenshot

Need for Speed
Need for Speed

Brand profile for EA Games.
Presets: CD matched, cool and hip Screenshot

VZ GeekCon
VZ GeekCon

Brand profile for VZ GeekCon.
Presets: Few colours, plain, target group 'geeks' Screenshot


Design and implementation of websites.


My private Homepage, where I offer fanart (e.g.. Wallpaper, Icons,...) for download.
Presets: None.


Univsersity project, implemented with 2 fellow students.
Presets: Uncommon and easy to use.

IMS Heppenheim
IMS Heppenheim

Univsersity project, implemented with 2 fellow students.
Presets: Colors red/grey, focus on employees.


Drafts for customer acquisitions.


Advertising material for Fanta.
Presets: Homepage CD, "bouncing" dominant. Screenshot

Ferrero Giotto
Ferrero Giotto

Brand profile draft for Ferrero
Presets: Homepage CD. Screenshot


Draft for AOK
Presets: Homepage CD. Screenshot


Desktop backgrounds, created with Photoshop.

FanArt - Criminal Minds
Criminal Minds

Wallpaper showing one of the actors.
Presets: None. Wallpaper

FanArt - BSG
Battlestar Galactica

Wallpaper showing two of the actors.
Presets: None. Wallpaper

FanArt - Hunger Games
Hunger Games

Wallpaper showing one of the book characters.
Presets:None. Wallpaper



Nadja Luckhaupt
Web Designer

Where you can find me:



Nadja Luckhaupt